Discounted Entry for Members

By becoming a Gold or Silver Tier member of England Darts you will be entitled to discounts on various event entry fees. To take out membership, click on the "Membership" button above, then return to complete your entries.


Section 1: MEMBERS - Enter your 10-digit Memberbership ID then click "Get Member Details".
NON-MEMBERS - Enter the requested personal details.

Section 2: If you are making entries ONLY on behalf of others, change "Are you, personally, entering any Tournaments?" to "No".

Section 3: Required for allocation of Ranking Points and will be hidden if you said "No" in Section 2.

Section 4: Please read.

Section 5: Please read.

Section 6: You must complete the Declaration to continue with entries.

Section 7: If you said "Yes" at Section 2 - click "Add Additional Players" OR "Enter Tournaments" according to your requirements.
If you said "No" at Section 2 - click "Add Player(s)".

Section 1 - Your Personal Details

If you are a registered member, enter your 10-digit Membership ID and click the "Get Details" button. The remaining fields will then fill automatically.

Your 10-digit Membership ID
Email Address
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Date of Birth (Youth Players ONLY)

Section 2 - Are you Entering?

Are you, personally, entering any Tournaments?

Section 4 - Your Privacy

GDPR Compliance Statement

Section 5 - Terms of Entry

All players that enter our Events will become Associate Members of England Darts. This will incur no charges.
We operate a "Failure to Mark"" policy. This can be seen by visiting
If you are making entries on behalf of other players you must inform them of these conditions.
You will not be able to proceed with entries to our events withjout accepting these Terms of Entry.

Section 6 - Declaration

I understand and accept England Darts' Terms of Entry
I am aware that England Darts' GDPR Compliance Statement is available